Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wednesday's KittenCam - Reposted One Year Later

hi ya, dear readers.  i'm in a rough patch, necessitating recourse to anniversary republications. here, for example, is buddy, the freakishly large kitten, taking on his nemesis, the blanket.  he continues to put the blanket in its place at least once a week.  as soon as my life expands beyond spasms and the lord's various names taken  in vain, i'll write something that flirts with new.  thanks for your patient understanding.

Direct from our reality of just 5 minutes ago:  Buddy the Kitten.

He is very, very tired but is obstinately refusing to rest.  You know the pattern -- he is racing around like a small, fuzzy lunatic at present, but in a moment will simply drop unconscious for a good hour or two.

Here he is, having decided that dragging around a heavy blanket was something worthy of beaucoup effort.  He is a focused little cuss.

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