Tuesday, February 28, 2012

on the lighter side

As recorded by a wobbling hand in the back pages of my beloved Moleskine Classic Pocket Ruled Notebook [red]:

i.v. team nurse breezes in. i know she's a nice person. i've had her b4.
ME:  i need water.
HER:  u don't have any water?
ME:  nope & i need some.
HER:  i'll be back.  i need an alcohol swab.  [never returns]

7 AM blood glucose 59
called nurse's station x2 for OJ -- no1 came
called x2 for breakfast -- no1 came
called dietary directly x2 [busy]
x1 got 'em! they tell me breakfast cancelled in advance of MONDAY surgery [it is SATURDAY!]
the lady on the phone & i figure error out
@11:13 am, got breakfast
did not die

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