Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thursday at One

From Holly Mcrae's most recent update to her CaringBridge journal about her daughter Kate's journey with cancer:

[She shares how God has led them thus far...]

[T]here are days I fear losing sight of what God has done for Kate if I don't voice it. If I don't reflect on His provision in the past, and trust He will continue to carry us into the days ahead.

My reflection is due in part to the angst for the days ahead this week. First, Wednesday Kate will go in to see if her kidneys are strong enough to receive the current chemotherapy she is on. We opted to take it a month ago, despite guidelines against it. Two weeks ago, we didn't. And the drug was held. If her labs are not within parameters for her to get it this week, we will be forced to discuss the possibility of discontinuing this treatment.

I have spoke to various institutions and am so grateful for their kindness in helping us sort through the very limited treatment options for a recurrence of this disease. Our most likely option would be to stop all treatment and watch and see if new tumors arise. Exhilerating to think of her not being on treatment. And equally as overwhelming knowing the heavy risk involved.

Which brings us to the MRI. We have opted to move it to this week, as there has been significant changes in the strength of her right leg. It is tremendously frustrating for Kate as she sees the last year of therapy quickly slip away in an instant. It's gut wrenching for us. So this Thursday at 1:00 she will be getting her full brain and spine MRI under general anesthesia.

Not much else to say... the implications are enormous. And our hearts feel them well. The emotions hit erratically and without warning. And yet I would be remiss to not say that we feel your prayers and love for our family. God will continue to be faithful, regardless of test results. We continue to cry to Him for mercy and healing for Kate, knowing He is able. Cry out with us. He hears the pleas of His people.

photo by holly mcrae

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