Monday, July 2, 2012

Loving on American Idyll

Sometimes my Brother-Units fill me with awe, sometimes with a seemingly long-awaited nod of the head, sometimes both.

Both, as in TW's recent post at American Idyll: I Must Go Where It's Quiet.

I've thought of his offerings there as collage, pastiche, satire, tour à tour.  To create, to decorate, to commentate, to put all in question, sometimes to scream, sometimes to laugh, I love watching what he does there (and ruuscal, too!).

But this one... yeah, big nods to Dylan, thank you to Joan, appropriate recollections of their story, a few wonderings about this convergence and that... but mostly, this, to me, is TW.

Here, as a temptation, is one of his photos from this post -- stolen.  I didn't ask permission.  It's his, and it might be him in it, I dunno.  Or her.  A pilgrim.  Go now and enjoy the rest -- don't do as I did and steal.

"the sky is embarrassed
and I must be gone..."

PILGRIM ABOVE HERMIT CANYON by Tumbleweed, Beloved Purveyor of Idylls

Since I am for some despicable reason so overwrought this day, I hope the American Idyll team won't mind me swiping a few pics of the feline Poncho.  Poncho reminds me, like a punch in the stomach and a tweak of the cheek, of our dear Little Boy, better known as Uncle Kitty Big Balls.  It's uncanny -- sometimes more in the attitude than in appearance, sometimes I actually have to look twice.  We miss Little Boy, and my dear Sam-I-Am's loss is palpable as the anniversary of euthanizing him arrives.  He was my Love Buddy.  I got more (and better!) kisses from Sammy than from any man I ever smooched.  But he did get a slightly unnerving ardor in the eyes that made you know Sammy was more Casanova than gigolo.  Discrete, but whoa... a true lover.  Smooches to you out there, my Sammy.

Uncle Kitty Big Balls was truly Fred's boy -- they were pals.  "They" were the reason I realized recently that naming Buddy "Buddy" was a huge error on my part.  UKBB was Fred's "buddy," and answered to it.

Anyway, the history of how we ended up with Marmy Fluffy Butt, Uncle Kitty Big Ball's sister, who gave birth to Dobby... it's fascinating reading and THIS POST sums it up as well as I can sum up any darned thing.

Here's ruuscal and TW's Poncho, the cutie pie who oozes soul:

Poncho by ruuscal

Poncho by ruuscal, at American Idyll -- check out those beautiful eyes...

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