Monday, July 2, 2012

The Old Yadda Yadda on CRPS Diagnosis and Treatment Criteria

Here is a commentary in IASP's journal PAIN, titled "The diagnosis of CRPS: Are we there yet?" -- by

R. Norman Harden
Center for Pain Studies,
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago,
Chicago, IL, USA
Northwestern University,
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Chicago, IL, USA,
Tel.: +1 312 238 5654; fax: +1 312 238 7624.
E-mail address:

The content of the commentary is... predictable, but needs to be said at least a few times a year, so "thank you," Dr. Harden.  He beats the drum for diagnostic criteria with regularity and is the author of COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME: TREATMENT GUIDELINES.

If you read enough of this blog ("My eyes!  My eyes!"), you'll know that I much prefer Dr. Kirkpatrick's Treatment Guidelines, available HERE.

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