Wednesday, September 5, 2012


i don't do this often.  hmm.  in fact, i've never done this before.  which makes me question a lot about myself, but lets not go there right now -- one has the distinct impression, sometimes, reading this blog, that one is trapped in a clown car, going in circles.

an inspiring woman that i met on the interwebs has a husband dying of stage-4 lung cancer. his story is complicated, so is hers.  but you know how crisis-illnesses can crystallize things, how suddenly easy are priorities, after all?

they need money.

you know, in a way that mitt romney cannot even imagine.  given all evidence, mitt would tell her to take out a bank loan or to borrow what she needs from her mother.

people, they need money. christina, who has organized the FundRazr, is billy's stepdaughter.  if you have questions, click on her name and ask away, via facebook.

so, go HERE and give what you can.  for billy:

billy and a feline friend

from the Twitter account of @ann_joyce50

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