Friday, September 7, 2012

Kolob Schmolob!

I've gone 18 hours without any true spaz attacks and am enormously grateful.  Unfortunately, my left foot is informing me that the respite is over, but at least I had a chance to cook dinner -- without injuring myself or a beloved -- a wild and woolly affair featuring Sven (face it, if The Castafiore is here in quarters, so is Sven), Bianca, Cabana Boy, Fred, Tante Louise (she dropped by to inspect our fire extinguishers), me, and the Feline Triumvirate.  On the menu, spicy pinto beans, and a chicken stewed with spinach, onion, cumin, and organic brown jasmine rice.  Oh, and roasted, juicy, burst-in-your-mouth mushrooms.

For dessert?  Irish whiskey.

We cheered Obama;  We jeered Romney.

It was a good time.

Like everyone, I had hoped for a better job report this morning, but I'll take tepid over awful any day.

And in pre-market trading?  GOOG hit 700.  The farther GOOG, DHI, and COH (my three current best bets) go... the more likely you bloodsucking medical creditors will get your filthy lucre.

I dropped by American Idyll, Brother-Unit TW's blog mostly featuring his incredible photography of The Canyon and The River, and wise words...  But today, I gotta steal this:

KOLOB: Mormons believe that Kolob is the star system for the planet where God lives. According to Mormon tradition, one day for Kolob is the same as one thousand years of our time. 

I have no idea if Romney believes in the stuff from the book of Abraham in the LDS tradition... Like with everything else, what he really believes is difficult or impossible to discern.   Most Christians don't read the Bible literally (unless it suits an argument), and I am hoping Romney also abstracts Kolob as... well, as something best left to NASA.

It kinda explains, in a weird way, his weakness in geopolitics...

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