Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Charles Bernstein's Placards, 2008 and Beyond

A Sampling... See them all HERE.

Poor People Make America Strong 

Protect Income Inequality

Citizens United for the One Percent
June 9, 2012

The Right of the Few to Govern the Many

Citizens United

Paid for by Bloomberg, Koch, Koch, & Rove, LLC
June 10, 2012

Stop Collective Bargaining Now!
Living wages slash business profits.

Rally Round the One Percent 

Paid for by Scott Walker for President
JUNE 10, 2012

Money Rules!
Keep the Supreme Court on the Right Track

Citizens United for Plutocracy
June 10, 2012
preserve tax cuts for the one percent
income inequality
is a necessary safeguard against democracy
June 10, 2012
voter suppression 
the last safeguard against Godless 
June 24, 2012
in these uncertain times
ensure a darker tomorrow

Vote Republican

Our America Not Yours
July 19, 2012

Don’t emasculate America
Support the NRA
On Election Day 


July 27, 2012

Support the right of rapists to have their children.
Vote Ryan-Romney

Paid for by Sex Offenders Against Choice.

August 13, 2012
reprise of Fall 2008 placard

Rapists have always been in the frontlines
battling a woman’s right to choose.

We hail Todd Akin and Paul Ryan
and support the Republican Party’s 2012 Platform criminalizing abortion.

Sexual Offenders Against Choice
Our America Not Yours

August 22, 2012

Citizens! Be Vigilant!
our nation's core values are threatened

Don't Let America Slide into
Godless Democracy
support voter suppression laws
our America, up yours
paid for by Racists for Voter Suppression
Republican Party, USA/2012
August 23, 2012

Legitimate Rape
The Bush-Romney-Ryan
Economic Agenda
August 26, 2012

Tax Primer
I redistribute 
You redistribute 
He/she/it redistributes
We redistribute 
You redistribute 
They profit
October 5, 2012

Mitt Romney
America’s Putin
Not to say Rasputin
Ocotber 5, 2012
Vote Ryan-Romney

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