Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sending a sundial to Mars - Bill Nye

Published on Oct 16, 2012 by TEDEducation

"Bill Nye, otherwise known as The Science Guy, inherited his father's fascination with sundials. And so he campaigned to have sundials aboard the Spirit and Opportunity Mars exploration rovers. A look at how a small device reveals big implications as to our place in space."

I'm a sucker for Bill Nye.  Smart AND sexy, that rare combination.

Since I am now taking one of the very few Alzheimer's meds, I've felt a growing imperative to do what I can to help my forever demented brain, so I am watching one TED session a day.  Coming as I do from the truly Ivory Tower of Liberal Arts That Will Get You Exactly Nowhere, most of this stuff is new to me.

Say "TED" to the likes of moi, and I think ugly, white, restrictive, painful, medical hosiery.

Fred can laugh all he wants.  (Because he is smart AND sexy, too.)

Oh, and someone has gotta tell me whether it is true that the Mittster had to have debate practice time on how to sit on a bar stool!  My favorite piece of trivia thus far.  Romney: not smart, not sexy.  I don't know if the magic underwear includes TED hose, but I bet it might...

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