Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UPDATED: Hell's Bells: Pray for Hannah

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UPDATE 2/2/2013:  From Hannah's Mom:

We had a meeting yesterday with Hannah's oncologist. In addition to the Leukemia, they found a nodule in her right lung. They believe the Osteosarcoma is back. It looks like she now has 2 types of cancer she has to fight. Hannah will have another Thoracotomy Monday morning to remove the nodule. It will be biopsied to confirm it is Osteosarcoma. We are devastated to say the least. Once she has healed from surgery, they will begin chemo for the Leukemia (AML). We have a very long and terribly difficult road ahead of us. Hannah is in very good spirits and is doing quite well under the circumstances. Please continue prayers for all of us. 
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I love this confident face...

Aw, hell's bells.

This breaks my heart.

Hannah, my hero, the little girl who had the rotationplasty last year following discovery of osteosarcoma in her leg, now has leukemia.  Her mother just posted this plea, which I pass along to you, as I remind myself that even heroes need loving support:

Worst nightmare confirmed. They found Leukemia in Hannah's biopsy. On our way to St. Louis Children's Hospital now. Pleeeease pray! :'( 
In case you've forgotten Hannah's heroism, it comes not so much from being stricken with cancer, that happens... It comes from choosing to treat her particular form with a fairly new and radical surgical option, the rotationplasty.  Here's a great video from the Mayo Clinic about the surgery:

Uploaded on Sep 3, 2010
This is a pre-surgical video which describes rotationplasty, who the procedure is appropriate for and possible complications. This video depicts the process of being fitted for a prosthesis and learning to use it. The patient describes her active and satisfying life after rotationplasty, her emotions and the process of adjusting to living with a prosthesis.

Here is my favorite photo of Ms. Hannah, My Hero, as The Crane:

From Prayers for Hannah
There shouldn't be profanity there where Ms. Hannah is... but you'll excuse me this:

addendum:  some fast reading and reminding allow me to share that the only thing that heralded the development of the leukemia was a sudden bad rash over her upper body, for which they went to the logical healer, the dermatologist.  it was his biopsy that led to this second cancer diagnosis.  apparently, one of the curses of chemotherapy for osteosarcoma is that it puts the patient at risk for... leukemia.  now that is one sucky, sucky side effect.

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