Saturday, February 2, 2013

Top Searches: And the Pride Goeth...

Perhaps what I choose to write about is superfluous.

These are my top search terms for the week, as recorded by Blogger Stats.  There are exactly eight that relate to topics I care about, and thought I had addressed in my admittedly confused and confusing style... but c'mon, readers are supposed to do a little work, too.

That's always been my belief.
Perhaps my belief is wrong.
Perhaps what I choose to write about is superfluous.

However, it is also true that I care too much.
I am beginning to write again for the pleasure of it.
I am beginning to feel the awakening of ugly hubris, pouty pride.

I recognize that I am confusing, and that I will label what I write as intricate, complicated, detailed, and demanding rather than spend the time to clean up my prose.

But, for the umpteenth time, I ask you: Whose blog is it, anyway?  
And, yes, I'll try to get this thin-skinned pride thing under control.

The one I really want to understand, though, is "neuron injera l'alcool." Any ideas?  If the searcher has become so enamored of my brilliant posts as to now be a regular Dear Reader, maybe s/he will leave me an explanatory comment?

anatidaephobia duck
bianca castrafiori
buddy kitty
cat heimlich maneuver
chico state
charles joseph whitman
cibulkova ass
claymation porn
coach k 903
desert como
dr. jose ochoa
dr. phil divorce
finally theme song
georges prosper remi
happy birthday carolina tarheel
hole ketamine
illuminated s
jackson browne
jackson browne 2012
kama sutra
ketamine treatments stony brook hospital
laura becket
maroloinespike hall
monopoly game pieces
mugshot celebrity
naked veterinarian calendar
neuron injera l'alcool
oregon nerve centre ochoa
rashad evans
rashad evans house
rashad evans wallpaper
ruthie rader
serena black ass
soup nazi
syldavian klow restaurant images
taiji dolphins
taiji japan
thomas ravenel marrie
vit c crps
xxxsex pakistani

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