Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kate McRae: NED, No Evidence of Disease

From Kate McRae's CaringBridge site, here is her mother Holly's update on the latest clean set of scans. Yes, 2 years post relapse, when her likelihood of survival was, honestly, nearly nonexistent, Kate goes marching on!

from the tiny sparrow foundation,
an organization worth supporting!

Kate's MRI was great, indicating no evidence of cancer! It was probably the most encouraging appointment we have had to date. Even good news has always been laced with the reality of heinous side effects. So after we gasp for air celebrating the clean, we simultaneously guard our hearts for the disappointing realities that may follow. 

But this was different. We spoke candidly about where we were, 2 years from relapse, and what that meant. And what the ugly treatment side effects meant for her now. Her Dr said the reality that she had survived 2 years post relapse, was incredible. Statistically that was few and fleeting. But he seemed even more surprised that she was thriving. I won't go into unneeded detail as some things we just keep close to our hearts, but he was positive. And hopeful. And then he ended with "now maybe I can say to a family that is not offered much in the way of statistical hope, BUT I know this little girl....." 

Oh thank you Jesus..

In the next few months we go back to tackling the issue of growth hormone and return to Houston for followups with her radiation oncologist and for a battery of neuro-cognitive tests. Praying for the same bit of impossible. 

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