Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bouncing Texan and Mississippian Babies

Whilst I knoweth I promisedeth poetic wondersomeness, my early read of my email maketh me want to post this bit o' bonny news.

I mean, seriously, the well-worn phrase "what were they thinking?" jumps into mine brainpan, there being little actual brain left.

Nearly 1 in 5 Teen Births Is a Repeat Birth
By Amy Orciari Herman
Some 18% of teen births in 2010 were repeat births, representing a small drop from the 19.5% rate in 2007, according to a CDC Vital Signs report. 
CDC researchers identified more than 367,000 births to U.S. teens aged 15 to 19 in 2010. The repeat birth rate was highest among American Indian/Alaska Natives, Hispanics, and blacks (about 21%) and lowest among whites (15%). In addition, repeat births were most common in Texas and Mississippi and least common in Vermont and New Hampshire. 
Among teen mothers who were sexually active postpartum, over 90% reported using contraception; however, only 22% used the most effective methods (for example, implants or intrauterine devices).

See the CDC's Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report for the first week of April (April is poetry month, for which I guess we have Eliot to blame and Chaucer to thank?).

What, was it such fun and oh-so-rewarding the first time?

Is there that much lack of love in their worlds that a baby is seen as a magnet for affection?

Plus... this just further cements my ardent conviction that Texas and Mississippi shall not figure on my travel iteneraries.  Texas, mostly because I fear execution just by crossing the state line.  Mississippi, well, okay, honestly, I've very little against Mississippi except for Franklin County, where there are no gay people. Where is the fun in that?  Who is going to know how to cut my hair butch, a style I am considering readopting to counter out-of-control bed head?  How do they interior decorate?

The "American Indian/Alaska Natives" -- does that not tear the last remnants off your neural sheaths?

Whilst writing this profundity, I did not fail to recollect the bazillion entreaties from Mine Belovedeth Readership for the finer arts... don't get your panties nor your boyish shorts all balled up in a gooey wad, I'll get to it.

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