Thursday, April 4, 2013

"I'm as Nimble as a Forest Creature"

[Jewel and Doc are dancing together] 
Jewel: Say 'I'm as nimble as a forest creature.' 
Doc Cochran: You're as nimble as a forest creature. 
Jewel: No, say it about yourself. 
Doc Cochran: I'm as nimble as a forest creature.

This was posted over at American Idyll, Home of the Brave, and made me recall how much I loved Deadwood, and this scene in particular.

It also made me think of others and of the necessity for a Deadwood marathon one of these -- those -- nights.  As much as I loved Al, Reverend Smith (Ray McKinnon) moved me;  The two of them, together?  I weep... In this first clip, the Reverend finds friends in Seth Bullock (Timothy Olyphant) and Sol Star (John Hawkes) -- may we all be so blessed when we are afflicted and lost.


A favorite of language teachers everywhere:
[Wu is explaining his problem to Al by drawing pictures]
Mr. Wu: Bok Gwai Lo... cocksucka!
Al Swearengen: Yeah, glad I taught you that fuckin' word. These are whites, huh?Mr. Wu: White cocksucka! [shows empty bag]
Al Swearengen: Two white cocksuckers killed him and stole the dope that he was bringing to you.Mr. Wu: White cocksucka! You, Swedgin.
Al Swearengen: [suddenly enraged] The dope that you were gonna fuckin' sell to me?Mr. Wu: White cocksucka.
Al Swearengen: These two white cocksuckers? Who the fuck did it?Mr. Wu: Wu?
Al Swearengen: "Who," you ignorant fuckin’ chink!Mr. Wu: Wu!
Al Swearengen: Who? Who? Who stole the fucking dope?Mr. Wu: Cocksucka!
Al Swearengen: Aw, Jesus.


My favorite bit of dialogue (at this moment):
Al Swearengen: We're forming a fucking government.
A. W. Merrick: Who is?
Al Swearengen: Us! You and me! Come to me in a vision! Ya stupid bastard.

Al Swearengen: Open the fucking canned peaches!

The favored one-liner, as determined by polling of living souls within Marlinspike Hall:

Farnum: Puberty may bring you to understand what we take for mother-love 
is really murderous hatred and a desire for revenge.

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