Thursday, May 16, 2013

CALMARE (CTTC) Soul-Suckers: You talkin' to me?

In the Slammer

Dearest Readers, you know how many times we've had to plod over to Tante Louise's Guest Houst and bail La Bonne et Belle Bianca Castafiore out of her very comfortable Cape Cod Cottage stylized "jail."  Except for the one time she ran off to Antarctica, we always got our money back.

Why Antarctica?  I dunno.  It had something to do with her certainty that her operatic powers would achieve unparalleled heights of purity given the quality of the air.  She ended up being a major contributor to global warming, or climate change, whatever we are calling the catastrophic impact of greenhouse gases 'n such.

Well, start setting some pennies aside as you empty your pockets of change at the end of the day.

Hmm, do people still do that?

Well, how about just donating a couple of your GOOG shares to a good cause, because the big bad Southern Mouthpiece of the CALMARE con, Ms./Mr./Mid-trans "Southern Gal" over at that hot spot for big time investors, InvestorsHub (which is, of course, not under fire, as its a regular full-service info arena for stocks, and stocks, by nature, are neither good nor bad, whereas the people *behind* them are sometimes malodorous clingons on one's pristine bright orange crocs...)  Whoa Nelly!  I lost my train of thought again.

Okay, in plain speech, Ms./Mr./Mid-trans "Southern Gal" is working itself into a fallacious lather.  I recommend 10 sessions of CALMARE sham transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, with placement of electrodes being placed in concentric circles reminiscent of those extraterrestrial crop circles that were once so in vogue.  You've always gotta have an exit plan.

Anyway, she wants to take all my money, she wants to send me to the slammer, she wants to shame moi!


Here's her latest:

With regard to the recent legal battle between CTTC and a particular message board poster, I thought the following news release would be of interest to this forum. 
Seafarer Exploration ( OTC:SFRX ) announced a Hillsborough County Jury rendered a verdict on April 5th 2011 at 4:45 pm in favor of Seafarer for $5,080,000.00 in compensatory damages. After two days of evidence had been presented in court, a jury determined that hundreds of on line posts written by ####### under the screen name of “xxxxxxxx” were false and caused a decrease in market price. Seafarer believes collecting any or all of the damages will be difficult to do, but will continue to try to collect until paid in full. One of the Board Directors for Seafarer, Pelle Ojasu, stated, “We are pleased with the verdict rendered by the jury and I am very happy our CEO maintained his vigilance to prosecute those who would maliciously hurt the Company and its’ personnel through relentless false postings over the last year. Now that the truth has finally come out, we can continue our focus on building shareholder value and executing our business plan.” Lead trial attorney, Craig A. Huffman stated, “Mr. ###### is going to be an example of what should happen to people who sit behind screen names and negatively, falsely, impinge the lives of people and of good companies. We are not done with him yet. This will set a precedent for small market companies to fight back.” Co-counsel, David Chalela, stated, “We and our client are weighing the approach to take toward punitive damages in this case to dissuade others from doing this.” 

 I'm scared.

Bring it on, you money-grubbing turdified idiot soul-sucker.

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