Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Margaret and Helen: Still My Heroes

Few practitioners of the epistolary arts cheer me more than Helen writing to Margaret, or Margaret and her retorts -- all mixed up with that grandson of Helen's who keeps popping up, trying to keep the folks on the porch in order, and the ducks in a row.

If you're not familiar with Margaret and Helen, please do go visit.  It's refreshing and you can let your hair down, if you've any left.

And consider the well-phrased plea of that annoying grandson who has launched a Support Campaign.  If Helen trusts him, I guess that's good enough for me.

Here is something to lure you over there, if my faint praise hasn't done it:

Nobody will ever need to be shushed in the Bush Libraryby Helen Philpot

Margaret, the next time you go on one of those cruises, you’re just gonna have to take me along because I need a vacation.   Fine wine may mellow with age but I sure as hell haven’t.  I watched the dedication today for that architectural oxymoron known as the George W. Bush Library.  That man was and remains an idiot.  In fact, the only one in the family who seems to have any brains at all is the mother, Barbara Bush, who said the country has had enough Bushes’ in the White House.  I couldn’t agree more.  I hear, however, that she’s a real bitch.  That’s certainly alright by me.  It takes one to appreciate one.

While watching the dedication I was reminded of his idiocy (I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully) as well as his  arrogance (I am the decider).  Lord help me.  I wonder if that man’s library even has books.  I bet nobody ever has to be ssss-hushed in that place.   It’s probably filled with paint-by-number sets.

It just kills me that we put that idiot in office… twice.  But I guess there has never been a shortage of idiots in politics.

And speaking of idiots, it seems like every time there is an explosion in the world, Ann Coulter and a bunch of other old white Republican men crawl out of their caves long enough to thump their chests for the cameras.  Funny how a bunch of yahoos clinging to the 2nd Amendment after kindergarteners are murdered, suddenly want to throw the  rest of the constitution to the curb because this time the culprit was a Muslim using a pressure cooker.... READ THE REST HERE.

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