Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brown Pride: Congratulations Cain Velasquez!

It's belated... a huge congratulations to Cain Velasquez for his dominating win over Junior dos Santos, a TKO in the fifth round.  That was the definitive rubber match, as evidenced by JDS' face afterward.

I am less of an MMA fan than in years past but my interest has been renewed by this year's TUF, in which the women are putting on a great show and taking many of the guys to school, in terms of aggressiveness, technique, endurance -- perhaps not so much in maturity, but you can't have everything.

Just to let Dana know a few things, as I have the man's ear, dontchaknow?

Please don't put Roy Nelson on the television again.  Until ____________________. You fill in the blank. Clue:  It is not "Until Roy can quiver for the entire 15 minutes."

Is Steve Mazzagatti still on the UFC payroll?

Could you add a "talking" penalty to anything having to do with Frank Mir?

As for Bellator's November match-up of Tito and Rampage? Puh-leeze.  It makes me sad.  It makes me cry. It does not inspire that warm pay-per-view feeling (but then, nothing does...).

To cheer myself up (and Bianca "The Octagon Nightingale" Castafiore), here's a visual of the heavyweight champ.  Ahhhh.

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