Sunday, October 27, 2013

testing the reanimated flip video camera: sunday nothings

this is truly a nothing day.  there is some relief of responsibility on my one shoulder, as everyone in marlinspike hall seems to have taken a day... off.  lots of snoozing going on, with bad scary movies in the background.

the flip video camera is in halloween mode -- as the reanimated device. i don't trust it.  so i've been filming nonsense to test its seriousness.

first up, we've buddy, dobby, and the fredster, playing with a : tea light he picked up at the dollar store. don't ask me why.  he muttered something about "romance" just before complaining about his ear hurting again, and falling deeply into an oblivious snore. just before his dive into unconsciousness, i was the party pooper, pointing out buddy's proclivity for biting into things, and not being a fan of documenting feline electrocutions.

and a red-glittered flickering light bulb of a "tea light" has never really done it for me.

next we have an exciting visit with dobby from earlier in the day. he's been the object of "territorial" attacks from buddy, so that's why he is looking obsessively to the doorway.  why he suddenly decided to flop down for a belly-rub, i dunno.  the final shot was all his idea, and is his way of getting me to turn off the camera, of which he is always very aware. dobby misses very little.

my deepest apologies to those of you looking for cinematic masterpieces.

i hope your sunday was as unproductive as mine.

oh, the absence of marmy fluffy butt has to do, in part, with the purchase of a new living room rug, to which she is oddly attached.  in the rhetorical sense.  she is also fond of one of the new chenille throws i bought to replace her rattier one.  and then there's the truth... she and buddy can't share the same space, at least not this space (the bed), without the maine coon defending his "territory" with scary ferocity.

it's a problem.

© 2013 L. Ryan

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