Monday, November 4, 2013

President Obama, I Love You! A Big Wave to Teddy in the Sky!

We can do better, go farther, make sure everyone is covered, do it right.

Until then, please allow me to grin like the idjit that I am, for my "official" insurance coverage papers arrived in the mail today.  I will have no gap in coverage, I will pay over $100 less per month and half the deductible I pay now.  A weight is lifted from my heart.

Also, my experimental use of Namenda for treatment of the burning-type pain of CRPS has been approved for another year.

Another year.
Another year.
Another year.

I had planned not to bother with another year, at the beginning of this one.  I am still pondering the issue. Should there be another year, I am definitely one of the "lucky" ones.  My misery will not quite bankrupt me; Fred can continue to sneak pastrami to Buddy the Maine Coon; Bianca Castafiore can buy her heart's worth of caviar;  We will be able to fight the next algae bloom in the moat. does work;  It will work;  If the website does not help you, there is now a paper option.

I do hope this country, having set down the right road, will walk the walk and one day move to a single-payer system.  Call it "socialism," go ahead. You could also call it the right thing to do, and over the years, as the kinks are worked out, the redundancies and graft diminished, and human greed reined in?  It will be not just a life saver, but a money saver, too.

Another year?

© 2013 L. Ryan

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  1. It's socialism.

    But that's not a bad thing.


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