Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Boss and Fallon: "Stuck in NJ's Chris Christie Traffic Jam"

I swear this is the truth: Upon first comprehending what the uproar was all about regarding the bitchslap payback via purposeful traffic Ft. Lee bridge snafus (which lost its humor upon learning human life was lost as a result), and then wrapping my brain around the strange repurposing of hurricane Sandy disaster monies, one of my first thoughts was how those "progressives" with whom Christie has been snuggling were going to respond.

I was kinda hoping they would not respond at all, as the best political recourse would be to leave this to the good people of New Jersey to handle.  All Obama need do is be quiet, and let FEMA or the DOT do their dooties.

But... I couldn't shake thoughts of The Boss.

I never can.  I love Bruce.  In ways too personal to discuss.


Anyway, I saw this posted over at Daily Kos and once I got past the weird feeling that Fallon sounded more like Springsteen than Springsteen did, as well as finally ripping my eyes away from the musculature of their upper arms, I thought the response poignant, whimsical, and on point.

Now I understand why Bruce and the Band, when in my city, are famous for fancy but healthy eating, and frequent, sober visits to various gyms.

Fred just reminded me that he once witnessed, in the East Village, a "Dylan Competition," in which Dylan, himself, participated, and came in second.

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