Friday, April 25, 2014

New Clinical Trial For CRPS At HSS

Randomized Controlled Trial of Ketamine Infusion With Continuous Epidural Infusion for Treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/CRPS/RSD

The study above can be accessed at -- it began last month and ends in December 2017. They are seeking an enrollment of 60 at the Hospital for Special Surgery (535 E 70th St, New York, NY, United States, 10021).

Go for it! [That's a decidedly editorial comment from a know-nothing blogger who has 12 years "in" the CRPS Wild Ride Experience, so feel free to do your due diligence as to inclusion and exclusion criteria, risks -- and just ignore me egging on folks who are in the area and desirous of aiding research into this god-forsaken malady!]

Contact: Kaye Estioco      
Sub-Investigator: Jodie Curren, BSN         
Sub-Investigator: Robert Griffin, MD         
Sub-Investigator: Vladimir Kramskiy, MD         
Sub-Investigator: Christine Peterson, MD         
Sub-Investigator: Seth Waldman, MD         
Principal Investigator: Daniel Richman, MD    

The Hospital for Special Surgery, which is a fantastic place for all things even remotely orthopedic, is located here:  

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