Thursday, April 24, 2014

oh, garcia marquez, how i will miss you!

listen, folks, i admitted in the previous post that i'm on drugs -- the good, legal kind.  covered by my blessèd obamacare-ACA-presidentially-approved health insurance policy, for which, you wacked-out wingnuts, i pay good money.

well, not good money.  just money.

anyway.  [the best of segues]

here follows the provenance of this post, and you SHOULD know by now my obsession with provenance:

at least a bazillion people a day tramp through marlinspike hall (read the damn **ABOUT::THIS::BLOG** section over on the right side of the freaking page, would 'ya?), and wayyyyy too many of the folks come with a pass stamped "looking for information about that asswipe Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa, 1st Marquis of Vargas Llosa."

what's more?  our docents, docentesses, and the struggling underclass of the most recent priestly novitiate from next door (they earn coin to make desperate calls home) are overwhelmed with the number of theta and lisping Spanish-speakers (we report them all as likely nazis to Tête de Hergé Homeland Security) inquiring after vargas llosa.  just click the underline, light blue shaded (or is it purple?) text of his name in the preceding paragraph and you can read about him to your hearts' content. or HERE, click HERE!  at Wikipedia!

track in the gritty clay of our land, smear smooshed greeny asphodels around our pompeian mosaic floors, we don't mind the cleaning... it's of the mindset ruling your sneakers that we think whilst scrubbing away the dregs of nature with toothbrushes and tubes of Sensodyne! [don't you dare touch that sentence.]

why, o why, are we not receiving pilgrim upon pilgrim seeking after our magical collection of Gabriel Garcia Marquez arty-facts?

where did all this people clearly RAISED IN A BARN come from?  okay, okay, i know, they're likely of german descent, but we don't paint tar all over the sensitive skins of an entire people around here! that's not the marlinspike hall way!

oh, garcia marquez, how i will miss you! 

i need a new fentanyl patch.  and a percocet.

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vargas: SF= steepest part of a slope

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Gabriel García Márquez: Discurso por el recibimiento del Premio Nobel de Literatura en 1982 --

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