Saturday, November 13, 2010

I left my shoulder in San Francisco [repost]

this is a repost from the summer of 2008, and i had just had the nuts-and-bolts of the upcoming surgeries explained to me -- you know, spacers and stuff!  well, apparently, i took temporary leave of my senses, in a very lingual way...

La Belle Bianca Castafiore, ici --

Zee Retired Educator? She is, comment le dire? She is settled up, I think you say. She will be tossing the Pity Party soon, yes, yes.

Il se peut que... Er, it will be necessary that she will lose the faux shoulder for a period of the time. This? This she can not arrive at wrapping around her little mentation.

But I am knowing her since long time, long distances, and she? She will wrap around her little mentation, bien sûr. Elle va accepter les changements que son état de santé a rendus nécessaires. And she tosses the good Pity Party also as well, too, yes, yes.

It is not impossible that this will not happen, eh? Moi, La Belle Bianca Castafiore,
je reste confiante et optimiste. La prof retraitée va avoir besoin de mon aide considérable (et très bien connu, le monde entier, il faut ajouter.). Je suis prête à aider. Mieux que d'être "prête-à-porter!" Oh, les jeux de mots, que j'en suis la maitresse!

Encore un verre, les mecs! (Oooo, I am not saying that out of loud, am I not?)

Still, where is the Captain? La la la... "Ah my beauty past compare, these jewels bright I wear!...Was I ever Margarita? Is it I? Come reply...Mirror mirror tell me truly!” Oh, scruffy little schoolboy, mon cher Captain Hoddack, où est-il? If there exists anyone who can fix a broken shoulder, it is he! We will simplement build a replacement while the replacement is out, if you arrive at following my route! Ah, oui, on a toujours tellement besoin de moi, de ma sagesse.
Hmmm! Ah, je ris de me voir si belle dans ce miroir!

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