Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rationale: "...and write about it all"

Slaking my thirst!

My eye flew to the bolded "Dr. SecretWave" on my Google Reader page.  I'd not seen a post from him since April, and that one alluded in its title to a "probable farewell."

Today, at least, Dr. SecretWave 101 has a new post:  RATIONal.  Health care rationing is one of those trigger, scary concepts designed to stir up other triggering scary notions -- like Death Panels.

Part of it goes something like this (when you've read this, run over there and read the rest):

Living in Europe [Baumholder, Germany] insulates the average human from goofy, over-the-top language meant to get people to do and think in ways that OTHER people want them to. So, I haven’t been very caught up in, or all that impressed by, all the politics and steamy language coming out of my home country these past months.

We have fast government. No arguing. You like. Like pizza.

Now the election is finally over, we find that Republicans have “swept” themselves into a level of “power” that assures exactly zero will happen unless they work with all the Democrats and Independents that never lost their jobs. Some people think all the upcoming wrangling is a bad thing; I think it’s great. A super-active government rarely doesn’t do anything well. There IS a type of government that “gets things done” almost immediately, with little debate. It’s called a dictatorship. If you’re smitten with that idea, move to North Korea and try THAT speedy idea on and see how you like it.

Anyway, I received a link to a very persuasive and scary speech given by an orthopedic surgeon named Dr. David Janda, wherein he outlined the horrors and sneaky tricks piled into the Obama health care bill. His speech was in support of Rob Steele, a cardiologist-turned-politician likely because he was mad as hell at the terrible direction of the country (*yawn*, aren’t we all?). Presumably, said cardiologist is now back in the clinic, since he thoroughly lost the election of the 15th Congressional District of Michigan to John Dingell something like 83k votes to 118k votes. Apparently, the Dingells have run that district for generations. If you’re looking for nutty, inflammatory, manipulative language, look no further than at a political battle between a challenger losing in the polls as s/he tries to unseat a longstanding incumbent.

The gist of Dr. Janda’s speech is how Obama intends to RATION health care. This actually sparked my interest. I don’t really care about health care system politics; I’d rather just see patients, frankly. But I have to just say to my fledgling SW101 crowd, I SUPPORT RATIONING....
He has a new blog, called Lover, Daddy, Doctor and fleshes out where one blog ends and the other begins in this way:

Unlike my last blog – which was ostensibly about medicine, but really about anything – this is a chronicle of a guy trying to be a good Dad and good Husband. I’ve been recently trying to be a better man, basically, and since I think best by writing, I figured a companion blog wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The reason I stopped the other blog and started this one is because my goals in life recently became very clear to me. Clear enough to state it here, and to record my pursuit of it for the world to see. Here it is:

I want nothing more than to follow God sensibly, love my wife, love my kids,
be a pretty good doc, stay in shape, surf occasionally, travel often, drink red wine,
make some love, make some friends, get out of debt…
and write about it all.

Writers need readers.  What are you waiting for?

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