Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Kate McRae's scan has been moved up from Friday to this afternoon, and her parents are requesting prayer.  This is a family of inspirational, fierce faith, so when they ask, we strive to deliver!

You can read about their journey at CaringBridge, here.

UPDATE from Kate's Mom:

Words could not possibly express our joy and gratitude for today's scan. Stable! Never have those words sounded so sweet. We are still trying to let the news soak in.

Kate's oncologist said the scan looked good.... there appeared no new growth from the one 2 months ago. And the enhancement and flair on the scan was actually somewhat less. We could not have been more excited!

We are grateful for the outpouring of prayers. We were in a very precarious situation knowing we could hear one of two drastically different reports today. We are rejoicing that the news was great, and we get more time with our precious daughter. Thank you Jesus.

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