Thursday, October 17, 2013

CRPS Update: The Things at the End of My Legs

Some people with CRPS undergo seasonal shifts.  For instance, I change from a reddish warm weather version of the disease marked by massive edema to a thinner blue that heralds colder weather.

Remember the Flip video camera that I dropped in the sink full of sudsy water while documenting the care and general abuse of a PICC line?  Well, the camera has come back to life.  Sort of.  It sometimes works perfectly but not when I use it with a purpose in mind.

For instance, wanting to document the beginning shift from red edematous skin to purplish shades of Fall, the camera began to record as it should but then refused, flat out REFUSED, to allow me to end the recording, short of simply powering it down.

I was hoping that weirdness wouldn't be noticeable but, of course, it is.  Nonetheless, here's the result.  I''m also documenting the excellent, fast healing of my toe and the lower right leg gouge from a few weeks back. As usual, despite the visual ickiness of the right leg -- at least in comparison to the left -- it is the left that leaves me screaming in the night. Weird stuff.

The music is The Beast in Me, sung by Nick Lowe.  Appropriate, I think.

© 2013 L. Ryan

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