Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Chagall for a Very Good Cause: RSDSA's Annual Bounty of Hope Gala and Auction

It's the beginning of the Besiegement Season.  The gimme-gimme hands are out early.  Here is one request, though, that may appeal to some of you Darling Readers.  It comes from Jim Broatch, Executive Vice President and Director of RSDSA, the best, most reliable support and information source for CRPS patients, anywhere.

I know.  Why don't I, on "behalf" of the Haddock Family, donate a couple of Caravaggio, and perhaps even the Holy Foreskin, recently transferred to Marlinspike Hall due to an unfortunate oversight by Novice Master, Father Guido, which led to the equipment failure of the modified domed pastry tray that contained the relic?  Well, if you've ever been on the receiving end of an alliterative harangue by Captain Haddock, or sat through interminable guitar masses at a Cistercian monastery not known for its musicality, you'd not be egging me on, you reprobates.

But hey, you've got schtuff, too!  And "gift certificates, airline miles, timeshare vacations, unique items like sporting event tickets, shows, or services"!  I know you do!  Promote your company, show off your brand!  Shoot, offer to do a striptease!

In all seriousness, mwa ha ha, CRPS sucks.  I find its capacity for suckitude mind-boggling.  Just in the past 6 weeks, it has decided to take me back to CRPS school and show me some of its new sadistic tricks.  If you like me, love me, put up with me for hard-to-discern reasons, and/or care about my occasional straightforward posts about the neurodegenerative disorder, please find a way to make the 30th Bounty of Hope Gala for RSDSA a fan-freaking-tastic fundraiser.

Maybe no one would miss the Chagall detail study for one of his remarkable nine stained glass windows for the Union Church of Pocantico Hills in New York * -- to accompany and fulfill the last work of Matisse, a rose window in his cut-out style.  We found the Chagall miniature, inexplicably and carefully installed, in a bricked up garderobe in a southwestern pseudo-turret.

We'll have to figure out how to "borrow" one of Captain Haddock's miniature submarines and plot a course through the worm hole entrance in our moat/marina... but, pshaw, that'll be the easy part.  Be on the lookout, Jim!

The Good Samaritan paying the innkeeper for the upkeep of the traveler
Marc Chagall, Union Church of Pocantico Hills, NY


Dear Lisa,

RSDSA hopes that you will take a few moments to read about our upcoming 30th Anniversary Bounty of Hope Gala and decide to participate by donating to our live and silent auctions.
On Saturday, October 25th we will be hosting our 14th Annual Bounty of Hope Dinner at Springdale Golf Club in Princeton, New Jersey. We anticipate approximately 200 guests at this function and the fund raised will go toward research, education, and support of our CRPS community.

To make this event as exciting and extravagant as we hope, we will need your help!Please consider supporting our event by donating gift certificates, airline miles, timeshare vacations, unique items like sporting event tickets, shows, or services. In exchanges, you will receive some excellent community exposure and advertising. Your company name, address, phone number and donation will be listed in the Auction Brochure that we will provide to our attendees and will be available on our website page prior to the Gala. If you can not donate an item, please consider calling a few places in your surrounding community to see if they would be willing to donate an item to our live and silent auction.

Your donation can be mailed to RSDSA at the address listed below. In order for your item to be included in the Auction Brochure we must receive it by Friday, October 10th. Please fill out the attached Donation Form and return it to Christine at You may also mail or drop it off with your donation to RSDSA, 99 Cherry Street, Milford, CT 06460.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 877.662.7737. 

Thank you in advance for your all your help and for supporting RSDSA!

James W. Broach

Jim Broatch, MSW
Executive Vice President and Director

*  "Like Matisse, Chagall uses colored glass, but it is glass which has been etched with acid to create gradations of color within each piece.  Once the pieces are assembled, Chagall paints on it as if pinging on a canvas.  Using a black glass paint called grisaille, he creates the details in the figures and mitigates the light.  Chagall adjusts and manipulates the grisaille with brushes, brush handles, metal instruments, and even his fingers.  Lastly, he brushes on a yellow silver stain to give the windows their final sparks of color."

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