Friday, October 3, 2014

From Stealing to Flying and Back to the River: "They find freedom being part of the elements"

Something lovely stolen from American Idyll. -- it's hard to just steal one thing.  So a tip of the hat and an index alongside the nose to the proprietor for introducing us to Jesse Hall.  I assume he is the poem's author but am not sure.

One minute poem of the Grand Canyon from Jesse Hall on Vimeo.

From the beginning to the end, 
everything changed. 

They dismounted the surge of prominence, 
and earned a rock-steady heart. 

Thats where their rhythm is found. 

They know the role of a trickle in the creation of a masterpiece. 
They row into the abyss of being, 
adrift in endless time, 
hearing ancient echoes. 

They find freedom being part of the elements, 
traveling to where all worlds merge. 
Life's knowledge drifts down onto them, 
and blows right into their skin.

Now, a wonderful, airy tangent:

Jesse Hall was the "winner of the first season event of the ProBASE World Cup Tour 2011."
BASE jumping is the activity of parachuting from a fixed object as opposed to skydiving, which is parachuting from an aircraft. Fixed objects can be buildings, antennas, smoke stacks, bridges, power towers, cliffs, cable cars, dams or any other object high enough to jump from.The acronym B.A.S.E was coined by Carl Boenish and stands for Building, Antenna, Span, Earth which are the 4 most popular objects BASE jumpers practice their sport from 
Of course, it's the wingsuits that are the stuff of my flying dreams! In the beginnings of my loss of mobility, I watched dancers and gymnasts, then parkour and free running. Now, it's wingsuit BASE jumping, waking with scraped and bloody knuckles from skimming mountain walls.

Parkour and Free Running still give me relief from gravitational stasis, the release necessary to then be able to turn, smile, and be a gracious gimp.  But the BASE jumpers have taken over top dream billing,

Back to the River for tonight's ending -- I hope to end tonight in official "wee" hours, instead of the 7:30 AM bedtime of the past few days.  This is a poem written by Kevin, of Kevin's Meandering Mind, published there on April 20, 2014, in a post titled "Wonder Poem: Grand Canyon Vertigo."

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