Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Caramelized Onion (avec pomme) Tarte with Tomato Jam

Now for something completely different.

A caramelized onion tarte (avec pomme) with tomato jam... that foolish moi is sending off with Fred to share with the Militant Lesbian Existentialist Feminists' Wednesday Night Supper crowd.

He promised to save me a bite.

Follow Jacques Pépin's recipe for an apple free form tarte dough, with a few confidential additions -- lemon thyme, a bit of sesame oil, things of that sort.  Keep it a tender, tender, very unworked dough.  Love it.  Spare no butter.  Yes, the water should be near freezing.  Yes, the dough must rest.

Then take all the time in the world to caramelize 5, 6, 7 or so onions, together with a bit of apple -- I used less than one.  Kosher salt.  Pinch of sugar. More thyme.  Add more of that damned butter to the oil.  Get that just burnt perfect char.

Roll out your dough -- gently, flipping it a few times.  Stretch it à la pizza dough balls.  Give yourself a break and use parchment paper.  Make fancy or unfancy do-dads with your circle ends -- just create a barrier for all that onion/apple goodness. Place a thin paste of tomato jam and then load it, load it, be very haphazard, but -- you know -- try to be equitable.

This is, after all, *artisinal* (wave to Doctor Grumpy!).

Bake at 400 degrees for an hour or until it smells and looks right.  Like this:

I hope those damn Militant Lesbian Existential  Feminists -- and Fred -- enjoy the fruits of my labor.  'Cause now I am hungry.

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