Friday, December 26, 2014

maru is maru is maru; there is no other maru before maru

Uploaded to YouTube by mugumugu

Breed:Scottish Fold

Maru's blog'

Maru's Wikipedia entry:  Maru (まる, Japanese: circle or round; born May 24, 2007)[1] is a male Scottish Fold (straight variety)[2] cat in Japan who has become popular on YouTube. As of April 2013, videos with Maru have been viewed over 200 million times.[3] Videos featuring Maru have an average of 800,000 views each and he is mentioned often in print and televised media discussing Internet celebrities.[4]
Maru's owner posts videos under the account name 'mugumogu'. Mugumogu is almost never seen in the videos. A rare exception:"Maru's ear cleaning." The videos are edited to include title cards in English and Japanese setting up the events of the video, and often show Maru playing in cardboard boxes, indicated by "I love a box!" in his introduction video.
In August 2013, Maru's owner adopted a two-month old mixed-breed cat named 'Hana' from a veterinarian. During the two-week trial period, Maru and Hana got along very well and Mugumogu decided to make Hana a new member of their family.[5] 



  1. Here's a channel you and the gang may enjoy:

    1. i am already a subscriber! we look at our three and then at the zen bliss of that crowd and wonder... it's amazing what they'll do and *allow* to be done. always with dignity, or almost always. one's a bit of a rebel. i can't find it at the moment, but my favorite feline video of all time is this cat pretending to sleep while his human piles as many things as possible on him. that, i think i might try with buddy. marmy would hiss if i had the *thought* within a meter of Her Self, and dobby would somehow try to help. despite repeated explanations, the dobster cannot fathom why his dedicated role as peacemaker and love-monger always bites him on the butt -- or scratches his pink nose. anyway, the record is something like 47 things piled on one cat. buddy and i can top that, easy. and he's a great fake-sleeper. with superb stealth, he covers his eyes with one huge paw, then carefully, gleefully peeks over it. a future in espionage, for sure. but he's no 007. peace and joy to you, tw!


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