Sunday, December 21, 2014

This Shortest Day

from: the course of our seasons

Nights grew long and snow came falling, 

Deep and bitter cold it lay; 

Till the year was dark and dying, 

Frozen on the shortest day. 

Sudden fires leapt on the hillsides 

Flaring in the starless night; 

High above them voices singing, 

Singing, calling back the light. 

All night long we sang, beseeching 

Time to turn its wheel around 

Wakening the green abundance 

Buried in the sleeping ground. 

When the daybreak came next morning 

Heralding the turning year, 

Joy came flooding bright as sunlight, 

Freeing every heart from fear.

So we sing that in this season

Hope may drive despair away, 

New life springing out of darkness 

Born again this shortest day.

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