Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Calling Nurse K! Code Blog, Code Blog...

I'm taking a fucking hiatus.
Love ya,
Nurse K

That was the love note that Nurse K left to the more ancillary arm of her website devotees, and that was way back on 9 September.

I want to put her officially on notice that I am going into withdrawal. I check the vital signs of Crass Pollination: An ER Blog three times a day, without fail. Pressure is a little low, heart rate a little fast, but resps are a normal 16-20.

And I want Nurse K to know, in a more serious vein, that her readers are hoping that all is well, or getting there, in Nurse K Land. If there's anything we can do to help... [Yes, I am imagining her snarking me: "As if. As if you could help. You have no friggin' clue."]

Maybe she'll return to us reformed. A progressive Democrat. Dare I utter the S-word?

I challenge *anyone* to write a blog post calling for the Perpetual Approval and Even Expansion of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act -- very commonly known among bleeding-heart liberals as PAEE/EMTALA.

If that doesn't smoke her out, I dunno what will.

Dr. Bloody Gloves shall not prevail. Happy the Hospitalist shall spontaneously combust. And SumDood will just have to wait his turn. I believe, I believe, I believe.

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