Monday, September 21, 2009


From a post by an anorexic * who was advising someone to seek counseling, post haste:

"I advise that you seek psychological help immedietally."

In all seriousness, though, it is a fascinating thread, and heroically maintained.

A young man posted on the site, called Anorexic Queen, requesting help in understanding his fascination with ana-websites:

i randomly came across this site
when i was trying to find out some info
and i understand why you all do it
but i seriously don't understand how? if that makes any sense
you must have some insane willpower
and if you can do this then your possibilities are endless?

It's pained and painful wisdom that responds.

1. It's a mental illness.
2. It's not willpower, it's a mental illness.
3. Our possibilities are extremely limited. Because we are mentally sick.
4. People with eating disorders aren't beautiful, they are sick.
5. It's a mental illness. There is no reason why.

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