Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wordle Challenge #8

New rule: Wordlemeister Fresca must wait 24 hours from the time of this posting before attempting (ar ar ar!) to solve Wordle Challenge #8. [Originally posted 9/19]

The Retired Educator has spoken. Long live the Retired Educator.

We have new prizes as incentive! Winner of Wordle Challenge #8 will have the chance to escort La Bonne et Belle Bianca Castafiore to the local Dairy Queen, just a few kilometers south of Captain Haddock's Ancestral Home. You can pick her up anytime...

We'll leave the drawbridge down and take the alligators out of The Moat.

Directions: Unscramble the Wordle below, then identify the novel and author from which the Wordle was formed.

Oh... and Fresca? You must identify the page number and correct edition. It's only fair to the others... Others? If you're confused, check out the distinguished history of Wordle Challenges, issued from the heart of Marlinspike Hall, always deep, deep in the Tête de Hergé.

Wordle: Wordle Challenge #8

Good luck!


  1. My dear:
    Don't I wish I could answer all your Wordle Challenges! I have waited more than 24 hours simply to say I don't know where this is from, and I'm perfecty miserabler about it.

    Also miserabler from being stuck in a car for 10 hours today, driving back from Montana with a woman who insisted on having the air conditioning on, even though it was in the 60s outside...
    My equilibrium I hope will return in the morning. Perhaps with the help of bacon and eggs.
    Bless you. I enjoy your writing so.

  2. Yes, I saw on your blog that you are directing (and starring in) a touching new cinematic feature.

    When will it hit the theatres?

    Bacon and eggs might help, unless they make you... miserabler. I really thought *that* would give it away. The loss of home comforts, making one understandably... miserabler.

    It will come to you...

    I need to repost this so it will be at the top... But, once again, interest appears thin. Most of my hits these days are coming from Middle Eastern lads who are trying to find French SexXXX sites.

    Ah, well. One takes what one gets. Doesn't one?

    Take care, you!

    Be well...

  3. Darn. Far from regaining my equilibrium, I am now experiencing vertigo! Sheesh. I am still less miserable than I was stuck in a car with a Mean Person. But, still. Darn.

    I googled the Wordle quote and cannot believe I did not recognize its source! But then, much as I loved that book, it's been eons since I read it.

    I've never checked my blog statistics to see who's reading as I fear it will trigger compulsive checking on my part (like, every 10 minutes) as well as general fretfulness but I *am* very curious to know what searches lead---or mislead--people to my blog. I enjoy when every once in a while you talk about the searches that led people to yours.

    Fred sounds like Professor Calculus! Bless him. I always loved Calculus. Tournesol in the original, I think.

  4. P.S. I forgot to answer your question! The Montana movie, "The Disinherited", should be out (on youTube and/or my blog) in a week or so. "Orestes and the Fly" will be released after the premiere at a friend's house Oct. 10. Both are about 8 minutes and are works of genius (cough, cough, meaning they are very interesting, I think, but lumpy and bumpy).

  5. We worship "lumpy and bumpy" here at... well, you know. Deep, deep in... *sigh*.

    Corn kernels are gathered, ready to pop; Flannel jammies, freshly laundered, folded, and waiting (as only jammies can) -- We're faint with anticipation for Orestes and the Fly, but mostly for the stark images peopling the Montana work, The Disinherited.

    I'm imagining shades of Unforgiven.

    Okay, you've shown remarkable restraint. Give Wordle Challenge #8 until, say, Tuesday, and if it remains unsolved -- take it, O Wordlemeister.

  6. "He thought of himself frying bacon and eggs in his own kitchen at home––for he could feel inside that it was high time for some meal or another; but that only made him feel miserabler."

    --p. 68, The Hobbit
    (I googled it--but if only this passage had included mushrooms, I might have guessed it. It only now occurs to me how much hobbits are like Winnie the Pooh! Time for a little smackerel?)

  7. Ding ding ding! And the winner is... (was there ever any doubt?):

    Wordlemeister Fresca!

    Pooh-the-Hobbit -- has a tone, doesn't it? Very stiff upper lip.
    Stow-on-the-Wold. North Piddle, in Worcestershire!

    "Nearly eleven o'clock," said Pooh happily." Uh-huh, uh-huh! Put that next to the "elevensies" of the fuzzy-footed Hobbits...

    Congratulations. Yes, mushrooms would have helped. I actually pretty much flipped through the pages and stabbed a passage with Ye Olde Index Finger.

    Hope you are well. Oh, and we'll leave The Castafiore leaning against the stone wall on the north 40, near the tennis courts.


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